The role of a project manager

Businesses today have realised the pros of organising work into projects and feel the important need to communicate, particpate and co-ordinate work across departments to accomplish organizational goals and match the objective.

Work decentralization In IT industry helps to make the process much more complex with the huge task broken into jobs assigned to various areas of expertise unlike small home project management which is very simple (Simple project management like making pumpkin recipe in house). Even in construction industry, the complete work is broken into small projects (Architecture, construction equipment, construction project, etc). Each project is handled by Project Manager Any Project Management needs a Methodology known as Project Management Methodology to implement a project in right track and to manage a project in a systematic way. When the project methodology is established, the project manager could have a standard protocol to follow in future projects too.

An efficient project manager is the person who knows when to tap into cross functional creativity and knows when to move the project in the forward direction.

Normally a project manager is chosen to guide a project team that is responsible to meet company's ambitions and pursuits. The project manager is the one who always keeps aim of the project and terms of reference in mind; selects and leads the group by preparing individual objectives. he is also responsible for conducting a feasibility study and makes certain that the project is planned in proper detail. He allocates and monitors the task and cost, inspires the team, helps the team members in handling problems or resolving issues associated with the project, and provides report on the project status and achievements back to the organization. To paraphrase, the project manager achieves the organizational goals through the team and it is he, who appraisals the project and closes it down.

To take care of a project successfully, a project manager needs certain skills as well as some experience. They include reasonable understanding about the business, advanced skills, financial skills and individual and group leadership skills. The manager of any project do need to to possess outstanding presentation skills, excellent command over writing in addition to high energy and integrity.

The personal skills include good presentation and conceptual skills. It is important that the manager has the intellectual energy and a strong devotion to make the project with a positive team approach. A good project manager is the individual who will accept own skills and weaknesses and will try to make up for these with that of team members. In addition, they have team skills and technical skills as they need to handle diverse needs of both individuals and the project team associates. In a project, the technical skills are essential to set project objectives, plan tasks, discuss resources, prepare finances, manage contract, monitor skills, along with to manage creativity and problem solving.

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