Team Building and employee motivation techniques

One of the most important steps of a project is to carefully choose the team. This is not an easy job to do, because it requires a lot of objectivity and you must keep in mind the goal of the project and not the sympathy for certain persons. Before choosing the team you must think what kind of specialists you need exactly and this is the main thing you must consider when you choose the members: their specialty and your need for it.

Most of the times, having to choose a team means forgetting about sympathies and friendship and doing the right thing for the sake of the project. And because team building means more than just choosing a team, and also growing it and educating it, this also represents forgetting about yourself sometimes, especially when youíre the Project Manager or the responsible person for the success of the project.

The qualities needed for every project are patience, involvement, openness to suggestions and indications, pleasure and easiness for team working, etc.; but besides these there are also others to keep in mind and that regard strictly the type of project youíre working on.

Itís good to remember that team building means a lot of team coordination, a lot of suggestions and indications to give and a lot of questions to be asked. And this is something that takes place starting with the beginning, when you choose the people, and ending with the reach of the goal, when you finally take a break and celebrate.

Team building means talking, discussing, asking and answering, being ready for brainstorming or for working more than usual, listening and asking for suggestions, respecting and following the indications received, keeping the moral as high as possible and motivating the people when needed. All these are team works so, basically, team building doesnít regard only the project managerí tasks, but the whole teamí.

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