Project Teamwork

Although a good project plan generally leads to success, it's not enough. Everything that we do and the things that we do are all connected with people. We live because of people, we work with people, we work for people and we could say that we depend of people. That's why in a project the most important things is the team. So it's all about the people you work with.

The project team can be built up of human resources within one functional organization, or it can consist of members from many different functional organizations. A cross-functional team has members from multiple organizations and this is a recommended thing to do. The most important tasks that the project team has are:

  • Understanding the work to be completed

  • Planning out the assigned activities in more detail if needed

  • Completing assigned work within the budget, timeline and quality expectations

  • Informing the project manager of issues, scope changes, risk and quality concerns

  • Proactively communicating status and managing expectations

But what is really a project team?! It's formed by some people that know very well what they are doing and that are headed by a project manager who is responsible for the successful outcome of the project. His job is very important because he must also form and educate team members and teach them how to do what is needed when they don't know.

The project team carry a huge responsibility upon it's shoulders: the success or the failure of the project. It's members are the one who practically execute the project, who give reports to the project manager, who make changes and corrections when needed. Each member of this team has his own task, which represents a part of the whole project. So it's important that everyone respects what he must do so the final result is a good one.

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