It's all about planning

A well-know adage says that the early bird may get the worm, but it is the second mouse that gets the cheese. This is something we should all have on our minds when we start a new project. Planning should take time because we must develop a comprehensive project plan.

When beginning a new project it's very important to know exactly what needs to be done and to set specific stages that must be respected. This requires an identification of the objectives and a methodical manner of working.

First of all, after choosing the objectives and the stages, you must remember not to rush. A good plan always offers you enough time for everything. So if you discover you're in a lack of time, this means your planning took little time and you didn't calculate right everything that you needed.

And remember: every moment is good enough for re-planning and re-evaluating your choices. If things don't work like you want them to, take a break and plan the time that is left. You must learn how to adapt to new situations and to crisis of time. Just take a deep breathe and start thinking about the tasks you have to do next, order them in a logical way and begin working again!

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