What you should expect from project management training?

A lot of people hesitate whether to go through project management training or not. Most of them think that PM is a thing you have or you simply donít. Like leadership, a project manager can not accomplish a successful project without the right training and education. For those of you who take PM for granted and think that itís easy to execute a successful project management, Iíll tell them to think again and simply look at the majority of fail projects around them.

project management training?
Take your projects to the next level with an effective project management training

Project management trainings are numerous and differ from one to another. Each training center or institute provides slightly different content but with the main focus. If you ever want to lead a team toward a successful project or happen to be struggling to accomplish a project successfully; then here is what you should expect from a PM training:

1- Knowledge: as you know, without the right education, no one will ever be able to plan and execute a successful project. Education has 2 parts in it, theory and practice. Most PM trainings out there offer both so you donít have to worry about learning or applying. There you will learn:

  • What steps you should take to gradually build a successful plan.
  • How you can assess timeframes and give quality and budget estimates.
  • How to get the maximum out of your team without affecting the project quality.
  • Tracking all the results so you have a clear picture of where your project is going.

2- Mindset: most experts emphasize that this is the most important part of the training. Mindset is not a thing you are born with for sure. Itís a skill which once learned, can distinguish between your success and failure in PM. You need to have the right mindset especially when it comes to: procrastination, control, balance and problem solving.

3- Skills: many future project managers worry too much about experience because they think that their first projects will be disasters. As this is partially true, experience could be acquired from other people experiences. PM trainers will show you their trial and error and explain how you can benefit from their previous experiences. This way youíll assure that your fail rate goes down to the bottom. Some skills you will learn:

  • Managing resources: they say a project manager without good resource management skills is not a manager. Managing resources is a problem even for experienced managers. A successful PM can take the factors of people, money, time and material to his advantage and manage those to run a successful project.
  • Communication: because we are in the communication age, people are the most important factor which determines your success. Finding skilled and professional people is the first half of the story, communicating with them is the other half as good communication skills can make you a leader and make them see a clearer picture of what you and your project are all about.
  • Problem solving: there is no project which can run smoothly without any issues. You will face problems even if you are a 30 years experienced PM. The most important thing is to not panic and try to manage and compensate your resources more effectively. A good project management training will give you all the education you will need in order to run a successful PM campaign.

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