Project Framework

Project Title:

Project description:

One sentence to describe the project

Begin date:

End date:

The context:

What triggered the start of the project? What are the goals/objectives of this project? Why are we undertaking it? All projects start with a business problem/issue to solve

Deliverables and criteria for close-out:

What we will have at the end of the project. This statement should be short and to the point. It should not contain language or terminology that might not be understood. Typically a deliverable should be quantifiable to easily determine if it was 'delivered' or not

The project boundaries:

Interdependencies (with other projects, groups, system interfaces, etc)

Additional benefits/links with strategy:

Regarding, clients, the organization, know-how, new services/products, savings, regulations, technologies.

The main risks:

What are the barriers to achieving project success (ie the major risks)? For each of these risks, what steps will be undertaken to minimize them?


Client (sponsor):
Project Manager:
Project team:
Steering committee:
Other stakeholders:

Groups who will impact the project or be impacted by the project and describe how they will be engaged.

Budget and resources:

$, people, equipment, facilities, software, etc.

Tasks already started:



Key deliverable

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