How to conduct a ‘Fault Tree Analysis’

Fault Tree Analysis is a graphical technique used to determine the various combinations of hardware (and software) failures and human errors, which can result in an undesirable outcome. The specified undesirable outcome is referred to as a ‘top event’, where the deductive analysis about the general conclusions and their causes is often described as a ‘top down’ approach.

A Fault Tree Analysis begins with a construction of a fault tree, relating the sequences of events leading to the top event.

What is an Engineering Change Order?

With the environment of a company becoming more and more dynamic, the pressure on engineering processes to accommodate for changes is ever increasing. For such changes to yield engineering efficiencies, an arrangement can be formulized whereby they can not become effective until a responsible agent releases an Engineering Change Order (ECO). Being an essential component of Engineering Change Management, an ECO is a written document authorizing to incorporate changes in the scope of the engineering process.

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Critical Path Analysis

Critical Path Analysis is a method that formally identifies tasks which must be completed on time for the whole project to be completed on time. It also identifies which tasks can be delayed for a while if resource needs to be reallocated to catch up on missed tasks.

Critical Path Analysis and PERT have been developed in the 1950s to control large defense projects, and have been used routinely since then.

Construction scheduling software

A construction scheduling software is a kind of software package that will help you organize your construction project for greater productivity. Normally targeted to contractors, home builders, developers and other persons that are related to the construction business the product has evolved a lot to become necessary software for all those desiring to meet the ever tight deadlines.

Basically through the use of such program you will be able to schedule your construction projects, set target date, and identify the responsible person and many more. At a glance of your screen you will be able to learn where the projects have reached and where there is some mismanagement.

Project Closure Phase

Project Closure Phase is the last phase of the Project Life Cycle. The commencement of the Project Closure Phase is determined by the completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by the customer.

Project Closure includes the following tasks:

  • Release of the resources, both staff and non-staff, and their redistribution and reallocation to other projects, if needed.
  • Closure of any financial issues like labour, contract etc.
  • Collection and Completion of All Project Records.
  • Archiving of All Project Records.
  • Documenting the Issues faced in the Project and their resolution. This helps other projects to plan for such type of issues in the Project Initiation Phase itself.
  • Recording Lessons Learnedand conducting a session with the Project Team on the same. This helps in the productivity improvement of the team and helps identify the dos and donts of the Project.
  • Celebrate the Project Completion. Its party time folks!!!

Change Control

The processes and procedures to manage changes being made to a product, process, schedule, budget including the submission, analysis, decision making, approval, implementation and post implementation of the change. Change control is typically an element of a project quality plan.

Uncontrolled changes are one of the most common causes of delay and failure in projects.

Certified Project Manager and Professional Certifications

When looking for career advancement, becoming a certified project manager might prove a very smart decision. There are a number of certifications available in the Project Management (PM) field, although the most important one is, unquestionably, the PMP certification. To earn these credentials candidates must meet specific requirements and spend significant time on preparation for the exams. However, the benefits of acquiring such recognized certifications, especially in terms of salary increases, greatly outweigh the cost of preparation.