Project Closure Phase

Project Closure Phase is the last phase of the Project Life Cycle. The commencement of the Project Closure Phase is determined by the completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by the customer.

Project Closure includes the following tasks:

  • Release of the resources, both staff and non-staff, and their redistribution and reallocation to other projects, if needed.
  • Closure of any financial issues like labour, contract etc.
  • Collection and Completion of All Project Records.
  • Archiving of All Project Records.
  • Documenting the Issues faced in the Project and their resolution. This helps other projects to plan for such type of issues in the Project Initiation Phase itself.
  • Recording Lessons Learned and conducting a session with the Project Team on the same. This helps in the productivity improvement of the team and helps identify the dos and donts of the Project.
  • Celebrate the Project Completion. Its party time folks!!!

The basic process of the Project Closure Phase involves:

  • Administrative Closure. This is the process of preparation of closure documents and process deliverables. This includes the release and redistribution of the Project Resources.
  • Development of Project Post Implementation Evaluation Report. It includes
    • Project Sign-Off
    • Staffing and Skills
    • Project Organizational Structure
    • Schedule Management
    • Cost Management
    • Quality Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Customer Expectations Management
    • Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned form an integral part of the Project Closure Phase. It helps answer the following typical question during Project Closure.

  • Did the delivered product / solution meet the project requirements and objectives?
  • Was the customer satisfied?
  • Was Project Schedule Met?
  • Was the Project completed within Budgeted Cost?
  • Were the risks identified and mitigated?
  • What could be done to improve the process?

The outputs from Project Closure Phase provides as a stepping stone to execute the next projects with much more efficiency and control.

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