Finding better ways to reward your team

Team-building sessions at the start of the project should be used to emphasize what’s expected of each member, as well as identifying the goals that the project aims to achieve. What’s often left out is to identify an employee’s personal goals within the organization. We all have different goals in our lives, and we all desire different things. Some go for money, some like to relax on the beach, some work for work itself, and some work to get more authority. It’s important to identify such personal goals for each team member so that when the time comes to reward them, you’ll be giving them something they can really appreciate.

Obviously, each and every wish cannot, and should not, be granted. The aim is to reward each team member in accordance with their goals in life, so that your employees become more devoted to future projects, their current work and the organization itself. For your lazier employees, giving them some time off would be more rewarding than giving them more money but expecting them to work harder. Similarly, giving authority seeking employees more responsibility in future projects will only motivate them into working harder. Even in this age of money-grabbing antics, an organization that takes care of its employees’ needs is more likely to keep their best people rather than an organization that just throws more money at them.

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