A quick guide on choosing PMO software

PMO software is software that will be used by the Project Management Office in order to plan and optimize the management of a project and track resources. These software exist in not only in paid version but also in open source version. It is important that you make sure that the product that you are choosing as PMO software really matches your needs.

Features that need to be present in PMO software:

Choosing PMO software (project management office software)
Choosing a PMO Software is not an obvious decision and it is advisable to take time to make your selection

  • Project planning facilities : It is important that the software provides different ways to manage projects irrespective of the task relationships. Also make sure that the PMO software offer intelligent scheduling to avoid you making manual changes to the system.   
  • Reporting facility : Provides ability to edit diagrams such as GANTT charts     
  • Groupware: Indexing of proceedings of meetings and steering committees, all project deliverables (functional pre-study, technical study, instruction manual ...), plan meetings     
  • Speakers (resource allocation): place to keep a list of the speakers, their business contact, their role in the project and or projects in which they are assigned.     
  • Deliverables: a space where we can index and view deliverables and their status (not started, ongoing, completed, validated) and the date associated with that status    
  • Import and Export Features : It is important that the software that you choose provide some interesting way for you to import and export your projects to other software such as Microsoft Projects    
  • Platform : It is important you take into account the platform that the software is built on. You will want a product that will integrate with your current technological platform and you will not want to make any other investments.

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