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Benefits of project management courses
Do you wonder how these new PMs succeed in their first projects? Here is what you are going to benefit from taking a project management course.  Read more
How IT project management works
IT project management is not executed as regular project managements. It requires many other factors in order to be done effectively, see how.  Read more
Plan a successful project management scope
A good project manager is the person who is able to plan an accurate and effective project management scope, see how you can be one.  Read more
Tips to successful project management
Did you ever ask yourself why most managers can't execute a successful project management plan? One of the reasons is they lack the right understanding.  Read more
Advantages of project manager trainings
“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw. Take a step forward and attend a project manager training.  Read more
What you should expect from project management training?
In order for a manager to run a successful project, he needs to get the right project management training. See what you should expect from such training.  Read more
The role of a project manager
The role of a project manager is primarily to communicate, particpate and co-ordinate work across departments to accomplish organizational goals.  Read more
Project Management Methodology: Back to basics
Educated project managers split their projects into phases with documents produced at each phase as part of the project management methodology.  Read more
Engineering change management: The process
Engineering change management is a component of project management that can help you minimize cost and increase benefits. Read on for more information.  Read more
A brief introduction to change control procedure
Change control procedure pertains to the process of handling changes to an item or project. Proper change control procedure is critical for a project's success.  Read more
PMP project management: An investigation
PMP project management qualification can be really critical for a successful career. Find more on this and also the exams structure.  Read more
Quality control plan: What you need to know?
A quality control plan is an important tool in project management to ensure that projects are consistent and that they fulfill the client’s expectations.  Read more
A quick guide on choosing PMO software
PMO software can be really helpful in order to help you cut down costs and increase revenue. Find out how to choose the best software for your needs.  Read more
Construction scheduling software
Resources that will help you learn more on building scheduling software  Read more
Project Life Cycle - Project cycle management
The Project Life Cycle refers to a logical sequence of activities to accomplish a project's goals or objectives. There are four basic phases in a project.  Read more
Project Management Tools
Project management tools including tips, training, software reviews, downloadable templates and more  Read more
How to Perform a FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)?
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a method to analyze potential reliability problems in the development cycle of a project.  Read more
Top ten time management skills
The secret to managing time successfully is being able to manage yourself, although we often think we don't waste a minute of our time in reality this is far from true and there are many ways which we can manage ourselves more efficiently which ultimately leads to more successful time management.  Read more
Selecting the Right Project Management Software Package
The typical IT project management software packages are not suitable for all projects. Choosing the right package can be tricky.  Read more
The benefits of a kick-off meeting
Once a project team is built, an excellent way to make sure milestones and goals are efficiently accomplished is by fostering good communication among project team members on a continuous basis. Team meetings are, indeed, a crucial communication method when working with teams. The first project team meeting, also known as the project ‘kick-off meeting’, is of extreme importance because it is the time when the project goals and expectations are clarified, roles are defined, and team members can meet one another. A vital part of any project, this first meeting is normally held right after the project has been awarded, and often even before base lining the project plan.  Read more
Risk Analysis
A good planning phase for a project includes many things like time analysis, assignments of the tasks, quality plan... and among them it also includes a risk analysis which consists primarily of a collective brain storming involving all project team. It is recommended to be done after the plan has been elaborated. You can also conduct a technical feasibility analysis which is an easy-job for experienced people. They can detect most risks.  Read more
Keys to a Successful PMO (Project Management Office)
Over the past ten years the number and rate of implementations of PMOs (Project Management Offices) has been consistently increasing as organizations have begun to regard themselves as project-oriented entities. Possibly the most important business driver behind this trend is the globalized fast-paced marketplace which forces firms that want to keep up with customer expectations, competition, and shifting economic conditions to perform more and more efficiently using fewer resources. This article describes the essentials of PMO and provides readers with some guidelines to successfully establish a PMO.  Read more
PDCA cycle (Deming wheel)
The PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), commonly known as the Demming wheel, is a well known model for CPI, or continual process improvement.  Read more
Project Managers: Learn lessons from past projects
 Read more
The Benefits of Effective Project Management Training
‘Project Management Training’ refers to practical, real-world, hands-on experience training that lead to effective and successful project management.  Read more
Business plan as a decision making tool for projects
One of the major advantages of a business plan is that it helps make better day-to-day decisions. But, how? Well, that’s something we will unveil in this article  Read more
Time Management Basics - where it all begins
Good time management is essential for a successful project. We've prepared a series of articles on effective time management using simple, habit-forming techniques that require little investment in time and resources. Interested? Start off with learning the basics.  Read more
Project Closure Phase
The project Closure Phase is the last phase of a Project. It starts upon completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by the customer. Having a formal closure is the key to avoid disputes with a customer or with an internal client and it helps improve the efficiency of the next projects.  Read more
Project Execution and Control Phase
Project management resources - Execution Phase  Read more
The Purpose of a Project Quality Plan
Project Quality, project quality plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan. Best practices and resources  Read more
Project management tutorial
Project management tutorial Project management resources  Read more
What is Project Management?
Project Management is the acquired knowledge and skills applied using a formal set of tools and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects.  Read more
Project Initiation Phase
Project management resources - Initiation phase  Read more
Project Planning Phase
Project management resources - Planning Phase  Read more
Project Teamwork
Project management resources - Project Teamwork  Read more
Insight into the Root Cause Analysis method
Insight into the Root Cause Analysis method, covering topics such as purpose, definitions, processes, tools, and risk significance  Read more
Project management methods and quality standards
Much has been said and written over the past few years about the need to use recognized project management methods and quality standards. PMBOK, PRINCE, PPS, and ISO9000 are some of the most known. Yet, which ones best suit your specific business and project needs? As the debate about the possibility to have a unique globally recognized standard continues, let us walk you through some key aspects you should take into account in your next project.  Read more
Project Life Cycle
The Four Basic Phases of a project life cycle  Read more
Project risk management plan
Project risk management plan - Project management resources  Read more
What is a Balanced Scorecard?
The Balanced Scorecard is a conceptual framework enabling an organization to clarify its vision and strategy, thus effectively translating them into action.  Read more
Training for FMEA
Step by step FMEA training.  Read more
Six Sigma Project Management
The Six Sigma Project Management is an endeavor to achieve better, faster and less expensive products and services than the competition, through the use of statistical tools within a structured methodology.  Read more
Team building program: The key to team spirit
Discover the benefit of team building program and discover an overview of the most useful activities.  Read more
Why you must consider project management seminar
Project management seminar can be an excellent opportunity for managers to sharpen their project management skills and also improve their overall efficiency.  Read more
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